MOLINEL designs and manufactures professional clothing and technical protective equipment that is reliable in all situations. All the highly technical garments are developed and tested with professionals, to guarantee intensive use in the most demanding environments.

MOLINEL provides all professionals and sectors with a protective clothing solution suited to their specific use and requirements.

MOLINEL, a reference since 1845 = Technicity, protection (personal protective equipment – PPE, European standards – EN), ergonomic research and innovative product design.

Professional equipment guaranteed for action

Since 1845, Molinel has been providing customers with high-quality, resistant products that are adapted to suit the needs of the wearer.

Over the years, jobs and workers have integrated new developments and have been transformed, primarily as a result of the numerous innovations that have emerged.

Molinel has been able to observe the impact of these changes on professionals’ work needs and habits. From the 2000s onwards, this led Molinel to implement a specific process to produce the ‘Expert’ range, with a commitment to design technical and authentic lines in partnership with the professionals themselves. In addition to the ‘non-specialised’ clothing lines, Molinel was therefore the first on the market to offer specific clothing to workers for each job category.

Molinel products guarantee users effective protection against the main stresses and strains related to their work duties.

The Molinel brand is the guarantee for an original item of clothing that has been made to withstand even the harshest conditions, whilst offering significant advances in terms of ergonomics, safety and comfort.

Molinel is now the leading brand for workwear and work equipment. Choosing MOLINEL equipment means embarking on an adventure with a brand that will bring you in on a forward-looking project; designing and developing the innovations of tomorrow for the benefit of everyone.

MOLINEL: a brand of the ALSICO France Group

ALSICO France: the leading group in France for the design and manufacture of workwear and PPE.

By virtue of strong brands, experts in the workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) sector for all sectors, ALSICO France has positioned itself as one of the leading names in France. It also affords an increasingly well-established reputation at European level as a result of the dynamics of the ALSICO group.

Expertise and resources

Through its companies, ALSICO France relies on highly acclaimed expertise in the workwear and PPE sector. In order to keep up with new developments in occupations and to continue to provide work clothing and equipment that are perfectly suited to work requirements, ALSICO France is committed to research and innovation. This research and innovation is bolstered by the continuous internal development of resources, allowing for a dedicated process to be implemented.

ALSICO France’s customer-oriented approach ensures the design of high-quality, ergonomic workwear that combines comfort, protection, safety and advanced technology.

ALSICO France key figures

Share capital of 64 million euros
18 people assigned to product development/engineering and design offices
7 manufacturing plants around the world
2,000 people working in production
90,000 items of clothing manufactured per week
1 million items in permanent stock
Over 18,000 m2 of total warehousing surface area