MOLINEL means professional clothing, but also a series of “Services +”, for greater quality, greater technicity and greater customer satisfaction.

Advice + :
What are the special features of this fabric?
How can I care for this garment?
How are the European standards applied, which professions are concerned?
The specialists at Molinel can answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them!

Products are packed individually in plastic bags, clear labels, display units, etc… Molinel provides all distributors with a series of tools to promote the brand at the point of sale and which is specific to each category.

A campaign targeting the Catering Professionals category:

 A campaign specific to the Workwear category:

Promotion of the Puls range:

MOLINEL: an active and dynamic brand for your sale’s outlet !

For all requests for campaign materials, please contact Molinel on +33

Network +

The Molinel ranges are commercialised via a network of distributors throughout France. You are guaranteed to find professional clothing close to your own location…This wide-ranging network also works together as a team.

To discover your nearest distributor, Molinel answer at +33