The company can mark its territory and make use of a range of codes associated with the clothing image. The advantages are very contemporary :

– Protect

The most important user value of professional clothing is to ensure efficient protection against the identified risks. Molinel provides the technical responses that meet all the current standards.

– Strengthen teamwork

Exclusive, professional clothing is an expression of the marketing strategy and helps to highlight the company image and identity.

– Communicate values

Each employee becomes an ambassador for the company, displaying and communicating the team colours.

– Encourage and enhance

Molinel designs clothing that is specific to all jobs within the company, thus highlighting the skills of each one, so everyone can work towards the same objectives via a strong image.

– Rationalise costs

A global solution :

  • An initial study
  • In-house design department = a means of communication
  • In-house engineering and design division
  • International production
  • Computer investment + individual logistics
  • Distribution management = a single and personal contact for each project