Molinel has an Image Department for Large Accounts: the partner in your project for exclusive professional clothing !

As a fully fledged organisation, the MOLINEL Key Accounts Department relies on the experience and strength of the brand, the expertise of its teams and tried-and-tested processes. The MOLINEL Key Accounts Department develops workwear and PPE programmes that are personalised to reflect a company’s corporate image, its positioning and codes.

This ensures that outfits are adapted to suit the applications of each job category and the specific requirements of each worker.

Offering a complete engineering, design and development service for personalised programmes for large industrial and service companies, our Image Department for Key Accounts guides these businesses every step of the way, from studying the requirements to producing the exclusive clothing programme.

Every requirement is taken into account, from visual identity to job adaptation, standards to logistics.

Molinel provides a comprehensive solution through a range of allied services: measurement taking, personal equipment, a maintenance solution and suitable logistics schemes to ensure the success of your image clothing programme.

To ensure the success of this procedure, MOLINEL has embarked on a process of continuous improvement in the following areas:

  • Full control over the product design
  • Full control over the manufacturing process
  • Meeting delivery times at the customer’s premises
  • No internal or external faults
  • Development of product-related services

MOLINEL in figures

• 1 owned manufacturing plant
• 1 in-house engineering office
• Production force of 850 people dedicated to packaging
• Warehousing area: 8,000 m2 on site with possible extension up to 20,000 m2 within a 10-km radius within the plant.