– Distribution

The range of products, concepts and associated services is relayed via complementary distribution networks that ensure the brand is present for SME/SMI craftspeople and organisations. These distributors bridge the gap between the brand and every user.

Molinel relies on a network of distributors that specialise in protection, safety, hygiene and catering professionals.

Molinel provides users with an innovative offering of available-to-order, permanent products designed to meet the requirements of every profession.

Molinel responds to the needs of two principal sectors:

> Crafts – Construction – Industry

> Catering and service

– B to B: an Image Department for Large Accounts providing B to B

This department develops programmes of suitable garments and provides specific responses for large companies, integrating the various associated services (notably the logistics schematic, individual order allocation, care and maintenance solutions, etc.)

Molinel gives advice and expertise to companies in France and around the world.

The Molinel Image department guides these companies through every step of the process, from studying their requirements to creating tailored clothing programmes, taking account of their specific needs in terms of visual identity, job factors, logistics, etc.

Besides serving a protective function, ‘image’ clothing also contributes to the company’s strategy, uniting employees, communicating the company’s values, and enhancing the appearance of staff when working.