Many studies now show that electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones can cause potential damage to the organism. Although not all of these studies were able to produce conclusive results, for the sake of prevention, Molinel decided to fit the smartphone pockets provided on various models with anti-radiation fabric. This fabric is made of polyester and metal fibres that act as a shield against electromagnetic waves. As this fabric is not a full barrier, it does not stop you from receiving phone calls and helps to protect the body by reducing direct exposure to radiation.

Kneepad pockets
These trousers feature kneepad pockets for GN08 protective pads. When fitted with GN08 pads, these kneepad trousers are classified as protective equipment under EN 14404+A1: 2010 – knee protection equipment.
Some pockets feature an adjustment system to change the height of the protective pads.

High rise kidney warmer back
To ensure that workers always feel well-covered in any position, be it squatting or standing, Molinel’s trousers are fitted with a high rise kidney warmer back. No matter the kinds of movement the worker has to make, the lower back remains covered and protected

Multiple pockets
These clothes feature multiple, practical and roomy pockets that are easy to access and designed to meet workmen’s needs, facilitating their daily tasks.

Gusseted crotch
A yoke has been stitched specifically into the trouser crotch area to enhance comfort and improve the resistance of these work trousers.

Adjustable sleeves
To ensure that they never feel restricted in their movement, workmen can adapt the fit of the sleeve cuffs thanks to the adjustable sleeves.

Elastic waistband
No matter the wearer’s build, these trousers ensure a perfect fit thanks to their semi-elastic waistband.

Quilted item
This item affords an inner quilted lining, offering both comfort and warmth.

Water-repellent fabric
This item features fabric that has undergone a water-repellent treatment to ensure that the wearer stays dry in all weather conditions.

Abrasion resistance
The main fabric of this garment was chosen for its resistance and hard-wearing characteristics. This item is designed to be more resistant to heavy use.

Preformed elements
Seams positioned to closely fit the natural bending motion of knees and elbows were added to ensure that the garment moves with the worker, rather than restricting their movement.

Comfort, warmth
Features special materials and/or adapted quilting to offer comfort and warmth to workmen every day.

This garment is eligible for specific personalisation using the CHRONOBANDES concept.

Elbow/Knee interlining
The elbows and knees on these items have been reinforced to provide added endurance to these areas that workers tend to put strain on.